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January 23, 2021  (1/23/21)

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Lorie Ladd is an Ascension Teacher and a Multi-Dimensional Channel. She assists humanity in awakening into higher states of consciousness, integrating the human experience with the quantum field and aligning into your truth and your light. She teaches on the evolution of consciousness, connecting to your Family of Light and being the multi-dimensional human. She takes the complexity of our ascension and grounds it into simple and digestible concepts. Lorie dedicates her life to assisting humanity in this planetary shift. Her greatest prayer is that you remember who you are, why you are here and all the Beings of Light that are supporting you. Learn more about Lorie, here: http://lorieladd.com
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Geraldine Orozco provides insight as to how DNA is the currency of the past, present and future and how consciousness plays an important role. A life-changing contact experience in 2013 resulted in the activation of her psychic abilities. She is now dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge on DNA and a new understanding of commonly held dogma of the human genetic timeline. Geraldine is the owner of Bay Area Meditation in San Francisco CA. Which specializes in corporate wellness programs for Silicon valley tech giants. She facilitates DNA Reprogramming, is a speaker and radio host. Learn more about Geraldine, here: www.Geraldineorozco.com
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Xane Daniel is a powerful Lightworker, accomplished publisher, captivating speaker, and founder of the Higher Self Expo. His energy healing modality uses intention and sound harmonics to release the soul's essence and bring it to the surface. He can also modify timelines -- using a single word. He can remove specific blocks to prosperity, self-esteem, personal relationships, and other areas of life to allow for unencumbered spiritual and emotional growth. Download his free Nervousness Relief Activation sound file here: http://free.xanedaniel.com
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Dean Price developed the astrological keyword system for the #1 book on Oprah Magazine's list of Astrology Books: 'Astrology for Yourself'. He discovered that our own energy centers (chakras) perfectly mirror the physical order & astrological meaning of the planets. From this, he developed Spirit Touch, a hands-on process to release, clear & re-program unconscious astrological patterns using hands-on polarity techniques on corresponding pairs of Planet/Chakra points. Learn more about your Astrology at https://bit.ly/35jZ0Qg
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Lotus Sky is a musical channel and shamanic guide, born and raised in the Philippines and hailing from the Golden State of California. Through her study with different shamanic lineages, training in multiple healing and transformational modalities, as well as connecting to her star and earth guides to channel Light Language, Lotus Sky helps people cultivate Self-Mastery as Illuminated Leaders so that they may create a life of impact, freedom and spiritual fulfillment. Lotus Sky has been called Nature Spirit, a Cosmic Channel, and Earth Angel, where her voice brings profound healing, and her shamanic offerings are truly transmissions from beyond the veil. Learn more about Lotus here: http://lotussky.com
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