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Higher Self Expo


Notable Speakers from Past Events

Higher Self Expo Laurie Ladd.jpg
Lorie Ladd is an Ascension Teacher and a Multi-Dimensional Channel. She assists humanity in awakening into higher states of consciousness, integrating the human experience with the quantum field and aligning into your truth and your light. She teaches on the evolution of consciousness, connecting to your Family of Light and being the multi-dimensional human. She takes the complexity of our ascension and grounds it into simple and digestible concepts. Lorie dedicates her life to assisting humanity in this planetary shift. Her greatest prayer is that you remember who you are, why you are here and all the Beings of Light that are supporting you. Learn more about Lorie, here:
Higher Self Expo Jordan River.jpg
Jordan River started Spirit Science in 2011 when his love of animation harmonized with his spiritual awakening, which began at the end of 2010. Originally this series started with the open-hearted intention to make cartoons about his newfound passion for spirituality, and to share these spiritual discoveries with the world in a way that was easy to understand. He never would have guessed that Spirit Science would have impacted as many people as it did, or that these simple cartoons would touch the hearts of millions of souls ready to share in the amazing world we are all a part of. Learn more about Jordan's incredible work, here:
Ross Shugar.jpg
Ross Shugar is a full trance Universal Angelic Soul Healer, DNA Coder, Energy Transporter, and Soul Creation Alignment Connector. Ross works with the Time Matrix and is able to ascend people through emotional distortions in space and time. By walking with Mother/Father God, the Angelic Realms/Kingdoms, the Universal Councils, and planetary collectives, even other universes, he is able to create a safe and loving healing space for all that need healing on some level. His healing can take many forms and can heal on a physical, ethereal, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Learn more at:
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Debbie Boyle is an angelic healer, angelic channel, teacher and facilitator.  She is a native of Ireland and lives in Dublin. She has channelled a number of angelic energy healing programs and has recorded angelic meditation CDs. Debbie teaches weekly classes on the Hill of Tara in Meath (Irish Sacred Site), and runs workshops and retreats. She also runs online workshops and weekly angelic meditation classes. Learn more at:
Heidi Brooke.jpg
Heidi Brooke is a deep Trance Channel, Radio show host, online TV host and Teacher. She channels the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, God and the Council known as The 7 Wisdoms to open your heart portal. Her specialty is in physical healing, opening your Channel, and soul retrieval to (re)connect you with Divine Source and your Higher Self. Heidi works with the Divine Feminine to open your Sacred Heart and bring forth your spiritual gifts to the Earth Plane. Learn more about Heidi here:
Lotus Sky.jpg
Lotus Sky is a musical channel and shamanic guide, born and raised in the Philippines and hailing from the Golden State of California. Through her study with different shamanic lineages, training in multiple healing and transformational modalities, as well as connecting to her star and earth guides to channel Light Language, Lotus Sky helps people cultivate Self-Mastery as Illuminated Leaders so that they may create a life of impact, freedom and spiritual fulfillment. Lotus Sky has been called Nature Spirit, a Cosmic Channel, and Earth Angel, where her voice brings profound healing, and her shamanic offerings are truly transmissions from beyond the veil. Learn more about Lotus here:
Tara Love Perry is a Master Soul Reader - A naturally born, intuitive energy worker with a high spectrum of extra-sensory abilities. ​She’s known as the UK's leading Self-Love teacher and considered a pioneer in her field, leading the global shift in consciousness with her practical method for self love, self realisation, transformational healing, liberation and manifestation, the “I Love You, Me” Method. She’s an acclaimed author and CEO of the Live In Light Academy since 2008. Learn more about Tara and her Free Gift, here:
Daniel Winter.jpg
Through the years, Dan Winter has lectured on the evolution of consciousness, sacred geometry and coherent emotion at many national and international conferences. His theories in coherent emotion inspired the notable research at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo and the Heart Math Institute in California in the mid-nineties. His experiments with humans sending love to trees have shown that the trees respond at a distance by entraining and aligning in phase to the heart, capacitively, at moments of peak emotion. Learn more about Dan's research here:
Acurda Melchizedek is a specialist in working with the multi-dimensional aspects of DNA. She teaches people to access these codes in their holographic blueprints and re-code them in order to live into their highest potential.  It is her passion to teach people to heal their DNA, and show them how to clear destructive DNA patterns from their ancestral lineage, trauma, and dis-ease, and re-code them for activation and alignment with their wholeness, soul light, and mission. I believe we are leaving a new genetic lineage of light for humanity through DNA. You can find her free gift at:
Kahreela Anhara is a Channel, Temple Alchemist, and Portal Guardian. Through her company Starlight Temple, she runs courses ceremonies and Light Work Travel Adventures in service to the Ascension of Gaia. She is a direct lineage channel for Goddess Anahra - the Goddess of Portals. Starlight journeys are all about falling in Love with the Earth, whilst serving and understanding -- as you heal yourself. Learn more about Kahreela here:
Angie LaRue - Cropped.jpg
Angelia (Angie) LaRue is a Master Crystologist, Healer, Ordained Reverend, Medical Intuitive, Medical Innovator, Psychic, Teacher, Reiki Master, & Manufacturer Bearer of the Antonian Holographic Healing Stone and Founder of the Inner Passage Mystery School in Boulder, CO. Claim your free Cyrstaline Grid of Vesta here:
Julian Michael is an Alternative Global Teacher, Celebrity Numerologist, Past Life Hypnotherapist, Intuitive, Author, and Inspirational Speaker. He combines his specialized skills and healing modalities to help people into knowing, creating, and manifesting their Soul's Destiny. Julian has appeared on TV networks, CBS Saturday Morning Show, Night Line, and radio shows around the world. Most recently for the second time, he spoke at the United Nations. Connect with him at:
Jeilene Tracey is a Vibrational Geneticist who channels light and sound vibrations to create shifts in the energetic, emotional and physical elements of the body. Working with multidimensional light beings, she identifies areas of imbalance, disease, and disharmony in the body and channels specific tones to address each one. Learn more about Jeiline and vibrational genetics here:

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