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Higher Self Expo


Mariam MA


10:00am EST, 3:00pm GMT

The Zero Point through Music and Song

Start the day off with a shamanic womb musical performance by the multifaceted Miriam Ma. She will blend light language, the power of her voice, and Earth instruments to integrate polarities and reconnect listeners to their soul codes.



10:15am EST, 3:15pm GMT

Self Love Saves Lives & Souls

The most powerful, universal, motivational force, isn’t fame, money or power surprisingly. It’s to be loved, unconditionally. Tara reveals a process for self-realisation, transformation and soulful liberation, and tells the story of how saying “I Love You, Me” saved a dying girl from cancer.

Laurie Ladd.jpg


11:00am EST, 4:00pm GMT

The Great Awakening: Tools To Assist You

Lorie will discuss the what the great awakening is, and why you are here now. She will provide tools and techniques to assist you in moving through the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual changes we are experiencing right now as well as remind you that there are no mistakes that you chose to be here now. Humanity and the Earth need you!

Xane Headshot5-sm.jpg


11:30am EST, 4:30pm GMT

How to Love Unconditionally

There are times you wonder if it's truly possible to love all unconditionally. Sometimes it isn't easy, is it? The abuse, the greed, the suffering at the hands of those in power, even the people in your own life who challenge you every day can make it seem impossible. Join Xane as he reveals an inherent truth about your nature as a spiritual being that changes everything! 

Daniel Winter.jpg


12:15pm EST, 5:15pm GMT

Fractal Physics of the Higher Self

Join Dan Winter as he explains how the higher self is now clear physics. The coherence longitudinal EMF projective plasma body proof has been successful in 25 countries and the experiments have triggered lucid dreaming and telepathy in participants all over the world.



1:00pm EST, 6:00pm GMT

Shadow Work and Inner Activism

In this time of great change, our shadow work - healing the reflections of what we see in the world personally and collectively by healing our subconscious is a revolutionary act of Ascension.

Geraldine Orozco.jpg


1:45pm EST, 6:45pm GMT

Zero Point Embodiment - The Universal Creation Code

Join Geraldine on a journey into the beauty of man's genetic code and how it mirrors all universal life. Learn how to activate the human Bio technology into an organic conduit of creation, vitality, longevity and love. The Zero Point, as an embodiment of human wisdom now a practical application to shift how we navigate the years 2021- 2025 during the birth of the new world.

Dean Price - centered.jpg


2:30pm EST, 7:30pm GMT

Astrology, Numerology, & Your Multi-Dimensional Self

Astrology works because everything outside us mirrors what's inside us. Learn how our Chakras represent dimensions that correspond holographically to the numerology & geometry of the planets. This talk will also include a group healing and meditation.

Brooklin Rayne.jpg


3:15pm EST, 8:15pm GMT

Water: Pure Source Consciousness

Join Brooklin as she channels the Diamond Council of Water and brings in a multidimensional crystalline DNA and cellular water activation. Beyond the scope of our linear comprehension of water, resides infinite wisdom for us to explore. As a shape shifting consciousness, it holds no limits to the level of vibrational consciousness to which it can host and facilitate.

Lotus Sky.jpg


4:00pm EST, 9:00pm GMT

Earth Warrior Way of the Illuminated Leader

Lotus Sky will be sharing a transmission of the three overarching elements of the Earth Warrior Way that will allow us to embody our Personal Power, and create a life of Impact, Freedom and Fulfillment. She will culminate the session with a channeled activation and meditation co-created with her Star and Earth Guides.

Michele Amburgey.jpg


4:45pm EST, 9:45pm GMT

Awakening to the Mysteries of Oneness

While sitting in meditation one day, Life-long healer Michele asked her guides and angels "What is Oneness?" What she was shown was so profound that it changed the way she perceived everything. Join Michele as she shares her story and the process of Awakening to Oneness that was delivered to her.

Cathleena Hailley.jpg


5:30pm EST, 10:30pm GMT

Experiencing Authentic Emotions to Consciously Create

Because fear is humanity's base emotion, all other emotions are unauthentic aspects of this fear frequency. Through dialogue and an activation I will release the frequency of Fear from your origination and establish a zero point Truth frequency so that you can experience authentic emotions and become a conscious creator of your reality.

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