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Brien Foerster
12:00pm EST July 17
2:00am AEST July 18
5:00pm BST July 17

Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology

Jeff Granville
12:45pm EST July 17
2:45am AEST July 18
5:45pm BST July 17

Harnessing our innate ability to achieve wellness

Geraldine Orozco
1:30pm EST July 17
3:30am AEST July 18
6:30pm BST July 17

Engineering the Organic Creation of Infinity - Physical, Mental, and Soul

Kathleen Zemanksy
2:15pm EST July 17
4:15am AEST July 18
7:15pm BST July 17

Feng Shui: The Science of You & Your Space

Michael Freehawk
2:45pm EST July 17
4:45am AEST July 18
7:45pm BST July 17

Healing Energy of Crop Formations

Jerry Sargeant
3:30pm EST July 17
5:30am AEST July 18
8:30pm BST July 17

Using the Quantum World to Create Verifiable Physical Healing Results

Alexis Buck
4:15pm EST July 17
6:15am AEST July 18
9:15pm BST July 17

Schumann Resonance & Space Weather Pscyhology

Aaron Abke
4:45pm EST July 17
6:45am AEST July 18
9:45pm BST July 17

The Science of Reincarnation

Xane Daniel
5:30pm EST July 17
7:30am AEST July 18
10:30pm BST July 17

Negative Spirit Attachments vs. Schizophrenia

Ashley Dufresne
6:00pm EST July 17
8:00am AEST July 18
11:00pm BST July 17

Collapsing Timelines: Science-backed Process of Making Change

Marina Jacobi
6:45pm EST July 17
8:45am AEST July 18
11:45pm BST July 17

Advanced Technologies and the Connection with Consciousness

Bobby Vasquez
7:30pm EST July 17
9:30am AEST July 18
12:30am BST July 18

Biofield Tuning Group Experience


Darshana Patel
8:00pm EST July 17
10:00am AEST July 18
1:00am BST July 18

How to Change the Way we Change

Tanis Helliwell
8:45pm EST July 17
10:45am AEST July 18
1:45am BST July 18

The Body Elemental's Role in Ancestor and Family Healing

Roman Light
9:30pm EST July 17
11:30am AEST July 18
2:30am BST July 18 

What the Future Will be: Spiritual or Science?

Gillian Ross
10:15pm EST July 17
12:15am AEST July 18
3:15am BST July 18

Evolutionary Mysticism and the Emergence of a Planetary Mind

Josie Thomson
11:00pm EST July 17
1:00pm AEST July 18
4:00am BST July 18

Getting in Touch with your Inner Wise Advocate

Janeen Hanson
11:30pm EST July 17
1:30pm AEST July 18
4:30am BST July 18

Your Environmental Energy at Home or at Work

Tom Barnett
12:00am EST July 18
2:00pm AEST July 18
5:00am BST July 18

My Journey from Mind to Infinity

Kassandra Scardino
12:45am EST July 18
2:45pm AEST July 18
5:45am BST July 18

What the Shift is Happening? Change the way you see the World

Kaushik Ram
1:30am EST July 18
3:30pm AEST July 18
6:30am BST July 18

Neuroscience of the Heart

Nicolas Perrin
2:00am EST July 18
4:00pm AEST July 18
7:00am BST July 18

The Alchemy of Quantum Higher Self Alignment

Alexander McPherson
2:45am EST July 18
4:45pm AEST July 18
7:45am BST July 18

Tao of Creation and Manifestation

KAren Swain
3:30am EST July 18
5:30pm AEST July 18
8:30am BST July 18

Reconnecting your Multi-dimensional Identity


Cristiana Eltrayan
4:00am EST July 18
6:00pm AEST July 18
9:00am BST July 18

Free Energy & Breatharianism

Mahiema Anand
4:45am EST July 18
6:45pm AEST July 18
9:45am BST July 18

The Science of Cinema

Léon Scheepers
5:15am EST July 18
7:15pm AEST July 18
10:15am BST July 18

Place of Homeopathic Medicine in Today's Society from a Historical Perspective

Dr. Ervin Laszlo
6:00am EST July 18
8:00pm AEST July 18
11:00am BST July 18

The Akashic Field

Rui Vasques
6:30am EST July 18
8:30pm AEST July 18
11:30am BST July 18

Design as a Vehicle for Spirituality

Tania Castilho
7:05am EST July 18
9:05pm AEST July 18
12:05pm BST July 18

A Living Experiment of Embodying Isness

Jennifer Barraccu
7:45am EST July 18
9:45pm AEST July 18
12:45pm BST July 18

Building Bridges between Science and Spirituality

Smita Joshi
8:30am EST July 18
10:30pm AEST July 18
1:30pm BST July 18

Intuition - How and Why it Works

Helder Valente
9:15am EST July 18
11:15pm AEST July 18
2:15pm BST July 18

How does Nature Work and what are its most important Lessons?

Louisa Tanner Munson
10:00am EST July 18
12:00am AEST July 19
3:00pm BST July 18

Astrology: Where Spirituality and Science meet

William Linville
10:45am EST July 18
12:45am AEST July 19
3:45pm BST July 18

Superseding Mind Over Matter – Transcending Magnetics

Ricardo Diniz
11:30am EST July 18
1:30am AEST July 19
4:30pm BST July 18

Full Power Peaceful Resting

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